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In spite of the shared initiation point for these transcripts, none of the remaining exons or coding sequences coincides. Trying to import such a file will fail.

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The directories listed below will be created in the results directory after the pipeline has finished.

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This also affects the Download Reference Genome Data tool.

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Fixed error dialogs when succeeding a gff error overlapping duplicate transcript feature files contain attributes panel. Alignment View displaying the original name instead of the current name for some sequences. This means that different data sources can be compared and visualized in a flexible way.

We thank all of the participants who submitted their annotations, without which the project would not have been such a success, for their original contributions, their publication, and their patience with the organizers during this very intense project.

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Sequence annotations are packed to lower memory footprint and disk space usage, especially for SNP, DIP, and Conflict annotations.

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Each feature displayed in Artemis can be given a colour.

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DNA methylation and alternative splicing in an invertebrate.

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Performance improvements to make it possible to extract annotations of large genomes.

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